Who Can Play Squash?

Anyone who enjoys playing Tennis, or any racket game and has good reflexes will love Squash.

Where squash offers the exhilaration inherent in powerfully hit strokes, split-second racket work, and graceful, seemingly unhurried footwork. The ball “comes to you” more often, but the challenge is to figure out the wider angles and exactly where the lightning fast green ball will eventually end up after rebounding off as many as five walls.

The game of Squash has something to offer players of all ages. The demands for fast reflexes, agile racket work, and speed of foot are intriguing challenges for the youngsters. On the other hand, placement, guile, patience, and the faster ball that actually provides more time for retrieval, make Squash the ideal sport for the “older” athlete who wants to preserve that straight waistline all of his or her life.

And let’s not forget this — for those who think it is a game of fast athletic young men, well, the average age of the ranking players today is around 43! That doesn’t mean I am advocating we only encourage middle-aged men to play!

Also, the promising young (10 to 13-year-old) tennis “comer,” who cannot play tennis during the winter months and still needs the strength or coordination to hit the Squash ball hard, prolonged, enjoyable squash rallies is an excellent prospect and training addition for their tennis game.

Because the ball is not affected by temperature you can play Squash all year round, and not only in the cold, winter months.

Because of the speed of the ball, Squash is an excellent game for active people of all ages. If you are looking for a sport that you can “master” in one or two seasons it may take a little longer but regular practice will ensure entertaining and fun experiences.

But if you are looking for an intriguing and invigorating game which you can play all your life practically, we strongly urge you to try Squash. You, your waistline, legs, lungs and reflexes will never regret it.


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